Collection of Setups for Measurements with the R&S UPV Audio Analyzers

A large variety of measurements is performed in audio engineering in order to ensure transmission quality of analog and digital devices. An audio analyzer suitable for all these tasks will, therefore, incorporate a multitude of functions, resulting in a correspondingly large number of settings.

This application note is to help test engineers using the R&S®UPP and R&S®UPV audio analyzers. It presents setting examples for all basic audio measurements to be performed immediately. For each setup, information is given on the type of measurement, the underlying standards, and on how to modify the graphic display results.



1 Introductory Note

2 Introduction

3 Predefined Example Setups

3.1 Where to Find the Predefined Instrument Setups

3.2 Basic Settings

3.3 Notes on Measurements

3.4 Standards

3.5 Nominal Conditions - Standard Test Conditions

4 Linear Distortion Measurements

4.1 Amplitude Frequency Response

4.1.1 Sweep Measurements Using Signals from UPV/UPP Generator

4.1.2 Fast Frequency Response Measurements Using FFT

4.1.3 Frequency Response Measurement at Different Levels

4.2 Phase and Group-Delay Measurements

4.2.1 Measurement of Phase Frequency Response

4.2.2 Measurement of Phase Difference between Two Stereo Channels

4.2.3 Measurement of Group Delay versus Frequency

4.3 Combined Measurements

4.3.1 Amplitude and Phase Frequency Response in One Display

4.3.2 Group Delay and Amplitude Frequency Response in One Display

5 Nonlinear Distortion Measurements

5.1 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

5.2 Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N)

5.3 Intermodulation

5.4 Difference Frequency Distortion (DFD)

5.5 Dynamic Intermodulation (DIM)

5.6 FFT Analysis

6 Measurement of Interference

6.1 S/N Ratio

6.2 Crosstalk (Inter-channel Separation)

7 Measurements on Analog/Digital Interfaces

7.1 Clipping Level

7.2 Linearity of A/D Converters

7.3 Linearity Deviation of A/D Converters

7.4 Linearity of D/A Converters

7.5 Linearity Deviation of D/A Converters

7.6 Signal Delay in Analog and Digital Systems

8 Literature

9 Ordering Information


Link: Rohde & Schwarz: Audioanalyzer UPV: Collection of Setups for Audio Measurements