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The Sound of Silence

Lowest-Noise RIAA Phono-Amps: Designer's Guide



There is a wide field of tasks left that can only be satisfyingly attacked with the help of old-fashioned analog technology. One of the most important fields is that of amplifiers for analog signals - such as for audio purposes.

The content of this book will lead to affordable phono amplifier design approaches which will end up in lowest-noise solutions not far away from the edge of physical boundaries set by room temperature and given cartridges - thus, fully compatible with very expensive so called "high-end" or "state-of-the-art" offers on today markets - and, from a noise point of view, in most cases outperforming them!

In this 2nd edition it is demonstrated with easy to follow mathematical treatment that theory is not far away from reality. Measured signal-to-noise ratios of solid-state and valve designs, both alternatively driven by transformers, will be found within 1dB off the calculated ones and deviations from the exact RIAA transfer won't cross the ± 0.1dB tolerance lines. Additionally, the book presents measurement set-ups and results. Consequently, comparisons with measurement results and test approaches of test magazine will be discussed too.

Autor: Burkhard Vogel, 752 Pages, ISBN 978-3-642-19773-4, 2nd. edition



Balanced Phono Amps

An Extension to the 'The Sound of Silence' Editions



This extensively reworked 2nd edition of the book includes ten new chapters. It also features an updated discussion of simulation software tools, covering topics such as simulating complex and / or expensive amplifier structures with the free LTspice software by developing a broad range of additional simulation models, especially those for triodes and transformers.

The book adopts the structure used in The Sound of Silence books, with the first part, Basics - Calculations and Simulations, providing deep simulation-triggered insights into the gain and noise mechanisms of differential amplifiers, BJTs, resistors, and triodes. The second part then discusses the RIAA Phono-Amp Engine II, describing all the necessary design, simulation, calculation, construction and measurement processes for this multi-functional MC amplifier.The third part, Knowledge Transfer, presents new ideas on draft designs of the linear low-noise MC input stages (also an extremely low-noise one) and a range of practical measurement tools. Additionally, it includes a chapter on MM amplifiers and their noise production, and offers some surprising solutions. The brand new and extensive chapter on all the simulation models developed and used in the book rounds-out the voyage through the jungle of compromises, allowing best-in-class balanced MC phono-amplifiers to be produced.

Lastly, the book also features an extensive index, and free downloads of all Mathcad worksheets are available on Springer's Extra Materials website (

Autor: Burkhard Vogel, 810 Pages, ISBN 978-3-030-11228-8, 2nd. edition



 How to Gain Gain

A Reference Book on Triodes in Audio Pre-Amps 



The 34 chapters of the 2nd edition of "How to Gain Gain"  give a detailed insight into a collection (54) of the most common gain producing, constant current generating possibilities, and electronic noise creation of triodes for audio pre-amplifier purposes. These chapters also offer complete sets of formulae to calculate gain, frequency and phase responses, and signal-to-noise ratios of certain building blocks built-up with this type of vacuum valve (tube). In all cases detailed derivations of the gain formulae are also presented.

All what is needed are the data sheet valve characteristic figures of the triode's mutual conductance, the gain factor and the internal plate (anode) resistance. To calculate frequency and phase responses of gain stages the different data sheet based input and output capacitances have to be taken into account too.

To calculate transfer functions and signal-to-noise ratios for any kind of triode driven gain stage, including all its bias setting, frequency, phase, and electronic noise influencing components, example Mathcad 11 worksheets as an essential simulation tool for each chapter allow easy follow-up and application of the respective formulae. Free download of all worksheets is guaranteed from the editor's web-site.

Autor: Burkhard Vogel, 862 Pages, ISBN 978-3-642-33032-2, 2nd. edition


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